“Would you like to paint in STARS, or FIRE, or RAINBOWS?”


With LookingGlassVR, pupils get a unique opportunity to dive into Virtual Reality. Once there, they are guided to create stunning artwork in a way they’d never have dreamed, where they can WALK AROUND and inside their artwork and PAINT in mid-air.


LookingGlassVR is a service offered by Theo Williams of Art2VR. Theo hosts in-school workshop sessions for Primary & Secondary School pupils, demonstrating and teaching Virtual Reality Art.


In addition to enjoying perhaps their first fully immersive Virtual Reality experience, pupils learn to experiment, create and control their technique, select from a range of drawing and painting materials and tools, choose appropriate colours, mix various styles and media.


These learning outcomes are explicit in Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3 of the National Curriculum programmes of art and design study.


And they get to paint in STARS and FIRE and RAINBOWS!




Below are links to our classroom teacher support videos, to give you a better idea what to expect from a LookingGlassVR session in your classroom:

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