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Art2VR was founded in 2017 by lifelong artist, painter, and illustrator, Theo Williams, to bridge the gap between traditional art and modern virtual reality technology in order to create a whole new artform for his audience to experience.

Theo has been an artistic entrepreneur since his late teens and has worked on a range of creative businesses over the years, including marketing several product inventions, founding an indie publishing house, exhibiting his solo artwork, and working as a freelance illustrator.

Art2VR is a collaboration between Theo’s vision and hand-crafted paintings, a team of VR technology specialists, and cherry-picked hosts and manufacturers who come together to create products such as Paintings as Portals®.

In addition to creating paintings linked to virtual reality experiences as products for Art2VR to sell, Theo has also painted for over three decades under the name "Theo Vaughan", creating landscapes and other figurative artworks themed primarily around locations in the North West of England.


Art2VR is delighted announce that we have now partnered with Saatchi Art to sell a range of Theo Vaughan's non -VR related artwork.


Below is a sample of the paintings and illustrative works which are all available for sale as originals and framed or unframed prints for sale anywhere in the world.

WE HOPE YOU WILL JOIN US AT saatchiart.com/theovaughan to view and buy.



In the meantime, take a look at our works of art by enjoying the virtual tour of our gallery below!


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