Order a beautiful, professionally framed landscape print online; hang it on your wall, insert your mobile in the included viewer and step inside the painting for an immersive, interactive animated VR tour of the location.

What if you could actually STEP INTO the painting on your wall?


This is the concept behind Art2VR’s unique “Paintings As Portals®”, framed landscapes on your wall that transport you to the world behind the paint strokes by the magic of VIRTUAL REALITY.


Art2VR sells framed prints of beautiful, unique landscapes to hang in your home as regular wall art. But your picture also acts as a portal to an animated virtual reality tour of the landscape that really puts you among the paint-strokes.


And, unlike other VR tours you may have seen, in this one you CHOOSE where you wander.

(Below is a selection of brief samples of the animated tour footage for this landscape. Drag on screen to look around as you would in the viewer)

Malham Cove - Cliff base

Malham Cove - Clifftop edge

Malham Cove - Janet's Foss trail


  • Choose your landscape from our Paintings As Portals® gallery

  • Select from a range of framing options and place your order online

  • Receive your framed, mounted print and hang it on your wall

  • Assemble our free Cardboard VR viewer (arrives free with your print - follow the guide)

  • Download our "PaintingPortal" app onto your iPhone or Android** smartphone

  • Access your virtual tour of the painting - just launch the app, point your mobile camera at the framed picture and scan the image

  • Remember: only a Paintings As Portals® picture will activate the tour!

  • Insert your mobile device into our branded cardboard VR Viewer

  • The “virtual walking tour” glides you forward through a moving painting of the beautiful surrounding landscape - no need for special controls

  • Once inside the virtual tour, choose which direction you would like to wander by using "gaze control" (At certain points, direct your gaze to steer a white point onto menu controls and hold your gaze on that point for a couple of seconds)

**see list of minimum requirements in our FAQs for full specifications






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